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Auto Wrapper


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K4000AR Auto Wrapper

Arm Revolving Wrapping & Auto Transferring Type

Pallet Wrapping Max. Size: (500-1300)x(500-1200)x2200MM
Pallet Wrapping Max. Height: 1800MM
Efficient: 40-50Pallets/Hours
Arm Revoling Speed:

0-15 RPM Adjustable, control by transducer, speed adjustable

Film Stretch Type: Equip Pre-stretch system, stretch ratio: 250%, auto push film system, auto cutting, smoothing film by pneumatic system
Pneumatic Pressure: 0.6-1.0MPA
Air Consumption: 1000ML/MIN.
Transferring System: Height: 4000M, Speed: 15M/MIN. Max. Loading: 1500KG
Security Equipment: Alarm Lamp, protected net. entry & exit electricity detector
Up & Down System: Doulbe chain system, moving steady, control by transducer, speed adjustable
Control System: PLC control system, control film shaft up & down by manual or program, turntable revolving by manual or program, auto detect packages' height, auto operating by program
Arm Extra Functions: Steady in START and STOP, automatic restore to ZERO

Motor Power:

Revolving arm: 0.55KW Film Shaft: 0.40KW  Main Shaft: 0.37KW

Transferring motor: 0.75KGW

Power Supply: 220VAC/50HZ/20A
Net Weight: 680KG ( shore not counted)
Packing Size: 3500x1800x3300MM
Note: Special size of wrapping machines can book to do




●This type of auto wrapper is suitable for big producing factory and high efficiency producing line, fully automatically complete the packages detected, wrapping, transferring and cutting film, no needed operator.


●This type of auto film stretch pallets wrapper can decrease the scratch of the package, improve the surface quality, and make the package more secure, can protect the package against dust and damp, and make the package clean, suitable for quick transporting and storing.

● Adaptability is good, high efficiency and low electricity-consumption decrease the labor intensity.

● Welcome you choose this type of fpallet film wrapper!



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